In recent years, animation has seen a paroxysm of digital technologies being used to push cinema and storytelling further. This has led to a growing number of filmmakers and practitioners within the animation field constantly pushing boundaries with various hybrid techniques and methodologies. While various scholars and practitioners have explored the application of hybridity throughout animation over the years it remains fairly under-researched. Specifically, the interplay between stop motion animation and two- dimensional (2D) hand-drawn animation has yet to receive a great deal of attention. 
This video dives into my work Sultan T. Sloth - a hybrid animation solution to translate literary works from page to screen using two traditional methods of animation, to create a unique artistic language.

This video essay was created from my exegesis 'Revitalising Traditional Handmade Animation Practices through Hybridity to Translate Literary Works from Page to Screen' 
for my Masters in Animation, Games and Interactivity degree .
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